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THe kitchen


Your choice of garden or fattoush salads made with romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, radish, and green onions. Laced with lemon, cilantro, and sumac.

naan wraps
basmati rice

Our authentic basmati rice comes in two flavors. White rice compliments most of our dishes while our seasoned flavor tops best with our lamb and veggies.

Our hand-stretched naans are made fresh every day.

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Our story begins in a small town

Zaitoon in the Arabic language translates to Olive.


Our restaurant is the brainchild of an Afghan couple that immigrated to the United States but kept roots in their beloved country. Raising seven kids in this great country and owning multiple restaurants in the NYC area. The father and two sons decided to spread their mother's kitchen in a modern casual way.  


Adding a modern touch to the traditional recipes. Zaitoon Kitchen believes in an atmosphere that makes old and new generations comfortable. We want to touch your palate, asking for more.

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kabob perfection takes time

We take pride in our antibiotic-free, veggie fed halal meat. Our meats are marinated in our special house marination. Our recipes have been worked on and perfected for over two decades. Our Kabobs are slowly overturned on an open flaming grill and cooked fresh to order.  

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benefits of halal meats.

Halal encompasses more than just meat, or even the type of meat eaten, although it is the most discussed type of product consumed.


For an animal to go from a farm to a table as halal food, it must have lived a pure life from the very beginning, finishing a cycle of life that is permissible in accordance with Islamic standards. It must have eaten well, been treated well, and been sacrificed humanely.



Instead of seeing the impermissible as a closed-door on food choices, one can embrace an entire world of an exciting, delicious, and healthy variety of foods. 



Treating our bodies with wholesome foods free of harmful ingredients — pesticides, toxins, pollutants, filth, etc. — is not just a value desired by Muslims, it’s desired by all of humanity. It’s a common need, desire, and a right, that means everyone can benefit from consuming halal foods and avoiding what is not.


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